A lot of children in the townships of Cape Town grow up in very harsh conditions, having to face the consequences of poverty, community violence, and malnutrition. Children often lack the resources to reach their full potential. 


At Little Lions, we see there is a desperate need to focus on mental strength, confidence-building and to raise mental health awareness in children.


We want to help these little lions find their inner lion. 



To make all this happen, I've decided to partner up with a magnificent, well-established NGO called Health Promoters (HPSA; www.healthpromoters.co.za). HPSA focuses primarily on physical health, and as their new division, Little Lions ensures that children from the townships can also work on their mental health. A wonderful combination that is fully supported by another partner, Promentis Healthcare, part of GGZ Netherlands. 


Our goal is to ensure that children have access to free workshops to work on their emotional development, self-confidence and resilience. And all in an accessible, safe and fun way. 


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Stichting Vrienden van de Health Promoters

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