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Little Lions explained

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Welcome to this blog! The reason Little Lions has started is to raise mental health awareness in children, to open up the discussion around mental health and work towards a more positive approach in parenting. Why is that important? Let us explain it:

More about the project

What Little Lions wants to create is an easily accessible and safe way for children to open up and talk about their emotions. Little Lions is all about building mentally strong children

A lot of children in the outskirts of Cape Town grow up in very harsh conditions, having to face the consequences of poverty, community violence, and malnutrition. Children often lack the resources to reach their full potential.

Little Lions wants to help these children and their parents by offering free mental health workshops focusing on positive emotions, goal setting and resilience.  

At Little Lions, we see there is a desperate need to focus on mental strength and confidence building, and to raise mental health awareness in children. We want to help these little ones find their inner lion

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